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Is your Food Making you Grumpy?

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

We all know our emotions can impact the kind of foods we want to consume…

But did you know, that the relationship works both ways? Yep, the food you eat also has a significant impact on your emotions. This is something incredibly handy to know in your pursuit to feeling good daily. Some of the emotions that can be triggered by ingesting the wrong foods for your body include:

– Depression – Anxiety – Fatigue – Moodiness – Anger – Irritability

The reason why food has such an impact on our mood, mindset and mental clarity is largely due to the hormonal changes that food, and food-like substances impact on our system, as well as a little something known as the gut-brain connection. An example of these relationships is the impact that inflammatory foods elicit on our neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline. There is compelling evidence demonstrating that people diagnosed with depression have higher levels of inflammation in their body. It makes sense then, to follow an anti-inflammatory diet/lifestyle as much as possible. Further to this, as mentioned, there is a clear connection between the health of our gut, and the health of our brain. In fact, the gut has long been known as the “second brain”.

This may be news to you, however, let me give you a few examples that might ring true to you. Have you ever experienced butterflies? Had a “gut feeling”? or felt “sick to your stomach”.

Mmm…now we’re on the same page. The human body is a wonderful thing!


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